Customs officer dealing with million-worth declarations and earning UAH 1,300 generates corruption, - Odesa customs head Marushevska

Low salaries of Ukrainian officials spawn corruption.

Head of Odesa customs Yuliia Marushevska said it in an interview with Glavkom, adding that as a public servant, she is not entitled to receive wages from international funds, Censor.NET reports.

According to Marushevska, new legislation and the so-called 'Odesa reform package' stipulate for public servants involved in reforming to be paid from international funds.

"For example, a salary of an official, head of a district administration, is UAH 2,500 (about $102,5). These are people dealing with land issues which provoke certain temptations. They came and I wondered how they were going to live? Someone said they had savings. If someone claimed they had no savings, they just did not pass the initial stage of the interview," Marushevska said.

According to her, those who passed the selection had already had successful business projects or working experience.

"For example, the current head of the Bilhorod-Dnistrovsky district administration Mykhailo Tytarchuk came from Africa after eight years in metalworking industry, managing thousands of people. We are talking about the top manager with an average salary of $10,000. But he came here to lead a district. I call it "doing your duty."

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"Ukraine gave me a lot as a state. Over the past two years, I have traveled to almost every corner of the world, visited major international conferences, talked with political leaders. All thanks to the fact that Maidan once happened in Ukraine. I knew I promoted the idea of a new Ukraine, though it had cost someone's lives. Now we must pay our dues. The same way Misha Tytarchuk came here because his brother died in the Donetsk airport. He believes it is his tribute.

"Another example - head of the Biliaievskyi district administration Arsen Zhumadilov. A Crimean Tatar and a graduate of London School of Economics came here to be the head of a district. I asked him about the motivation. He believes that the success of the Odesa region will once give him an opportunity to return to Crimea, Odesa's success is the success of Ukraine," the head of the Odesa customs said.

Marushevska claims everyone has their own motivation, but it is not material.

"In terms of money, Ukrainian officials are just poor people. Imagine, the salary of a customs officer starts from UAH 1,300 (about $53)! An officer dealing with million-worth declarations takes decisions and earns UAH 1,300 per month. This system generates corruption. Public servants should earn enough not to feel ashamed. I think that wages the new police have would make people feel some self-respect. I have no idea how a man who has a wife and kids feels when bringing home UAH 1,300 a month," Marushevska stressed.
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