Ukraine doubles energy delivery from Russia despite its declared cessation

Ukraine started importing twice as much power from Russia as before.

Energy expert Valentyn Zemlianskyi said, Censor.NET reports citing Gazeta.ua

"Ukraine is importing 800 MW of Russian energy today, Nov. 11. The imports increased from 400 MW to 800 MW yesterday. It is planned to purchase another 400 MW from Russia tomorrow, Nov 12," the expert said.

The third unit of the Rivne NPP with capacity of 1000 MW is reportedly starts operating today after being repaired. It should be reminded that Minister of Energy and Coal Industry Volodymyr Demchyshyn announced the cessation of energy imports from Russia from Nov, 11 at a press briefing Nov. 9.

The Minister stated that Ukraine imports energy in case of a lack of domestic output. At the same time he admitted: "We have a lot of facilities that are not used, for example, the DTEK (State Energy Company) has idle power units with total capacity of two gigawatts. We will cease electricity delivery from Russia on Wednesday. It is a technological step."

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The Energy Ministry noted that the existing coal reserve in Ukraine was sufficient while there was 900,000 tons more compared to the same date in 2014. There was 2,140,900 tons of coal in warehouses of companies operating TPPs as of Nov. 2.

The tapping of NEC Ukrenerho manager instructing to reduce the output of the Prydniprovsk TPP units below the minimum level for political reasons due to the energy imports was spread by the media the day before.

According to the expected balance of power in Ukraine's unified energy system as of November, the energy generation will exceed the demand by 665 million kWh from 19.10.2015. At the same time the energy supplies from the Russian Federation in the amount of 400 million kWh have been envisaged.

When there is no shortage, the export of energy can only be achieved by idling units at the Ukrainian power plants.

The Ukrainian Centrenerho energy company has not responded to the request concerning the units output reduction. The Donbasenerho reported that Sloviansk TPP was supplying power to the unified energy system of Ukraine and had sufficient amount of coal in warehouses. There were no cases recorded, when NEC Ukrenerho manager was instructing to reduce the output of TPP units provided with fuel. The units' output reduction has only been confirmed by the Prydniprovsk TPP.

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