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 Rada closes session without passing entire package of "visa-free laws"

The evening session of the Verkhovna Rada was closed with one out of six "visa-free laws" not still adopted.

Censor.NET parliamentary correspondent reports.

At today's session, the MPs did not manage to vote all the bills from the list submitted by the European Union for visa regime liberalization.

In particular, the deputies failed to adopt the amendments to the Labour Code regarding the rights of sexual minorities.

On the sidelines of the Verkhovna Rada, Censor.NET correspondent was told about possible scenario of further developments.

Voiced by Poroshenko Bloc MP Serhii Leshchenko, it says there is still a chance to legislate "sexual minorities amendment" on Thursday (since there are traditionally few MPs in parliament on Wednesdays), officially before the meeting of the Group of the European Commission which will discuss the issue of Ukraine's progress of Visa Liberalization Action Plan implementation.

Another MP Vadym Denysenko could not voice his opinion on further development of the situation.

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