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 42nd battalion of Ukrainian Army regained control over 3 km of Ukrainian land without single shot, - journalist Shovkoshytnyi

Soldiers from the 42nd battalion of the Armed Forces of Ukraine managed to regain control over part of Zaitseve town, Horlivka area, the Donetsk region, without a single shot.

This was announced by military reporter and volunteer Rodion Shovkoshytnyi on his Facebook page, Censor.NET informs.

Shovkoshytnyi wrote that a separate reconnaissance platoon of the 42nd battalion of the Ukrainian Armed Forces entered separatists-controlled Zaitseve and dug out trenches several hundred meters from the separatists' positions. The enemy first thought that these were Russian Federation career soldiers, whom they had expected. They were trying to contact the Ukrainian platoon, but to no avail - the 'guests' would not respond. The Ukrainian command refused to grant shooting permission to their soldiers, Shovkoshytnyi reports.

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"Only after the third day the separatists 'woke up' and started firing at the 42nd's positions. Over this period of time, from the beginning of the raid and until the separatists opened fire, not a single shot was made by the reconnaissance. They all have been promised titles and decorations for that by the sector commander," the journalist wrote.

Shovkoshytnyi went on saying that OSCE, who had learned from separatists media about some 'man in black disguised as the Ukrainian army,' arrived to the 42nd's positions to find out who they were. Ukrainian soldiers had to explain to "some former British officer, who had a liking for Russia, that there had been no one here and they had simply entrenched." Luckily, the British OSCE representative informed the Ukrainian soldiers that the separatists had approached by 70 meters, which allowed the soldiers to counteract.

"They asked to say 'thanks' to the OSCE," Shovkoshytnyi wrote.

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