Islamic State leaders boasted about downing Russian passenger plane in Egypt, US officials say

Communications between Islamic State leaders in Raqqa, Syria, and persons in the Sinai Peninsula included boasts about the downing of a Russian passenger jet over the area.

Unidentified U.S. officials told NBC on Friday, Censor.NET informs citing The Huffington Post.

"They were clearly celebrating," NBC Nightly News quoted a U.S. official as saying. The "chatter" included a boast of taking down the plane on Saturday and how it was done.

The U.S. intelligence community intercepted a message from a Sinai group affiliated with Islamic State that warned of "something big in the area" before jet crash.

UNIAN reports that an adviser familiar to the U.S. intelligence said the call was made between members of Wilayat Sinai, which a U.S. official said was one of the "most potent" branches of ISIS.

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Speculation about whether the plane was brought down by a bomb has heightened since the jet crashed Saturday.

The voice recorder recovered from the black box from the crashed jet is working, Mohamed Rahma, a spokesman for Egypt's ministry of aviation, said. The voice recorder could provide clues about what brought the plane down.

British officials believe someone with access to the cargo hold placed an explosive device on the plane prior to takeoff, the BBC reported Friday.

But Egypt has refused to speculate on the cause of the crash until they complete their official investigation.

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