Volunteer Nelli Stelmakh resigns from Defense Ministry

Volunteer Nelli Stelmakh has filed a letter of resignation from the post of deputy director for public procurement and support at the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

Censor.NET reports referring to volunteer's Facebook page.

"Last Friday, I wrote a letter of resignation from the Ministry of Defense. Loads of work has been done over the year.

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"In early January, I was horrified and in despair, looking at the figures in reports on availability (or rather lack) of clothes, boots, bulletproof vests, helmets, tents, gasoline in storage and juxtaposing them with the approaching wave of mobilization, but now, I think, only the blind do not see the changes while reports show quiet different figures. I personally did almost everything that I could, organizing procurement for the fighting army under peace-time laws and with ever-changing rules," she said.

"I will not criticize the ministry - it was never my goal as well as those positions I held. The goal was to help the country," she added.

Prior to the tragic events in Ukraine, Nelli Stelmakh was a designer of industrial facilities. When the fighting broke out in the Donbas, she became one of the coordinators of the volunteer organization "Wings of the Phoenix." There, she coordinated procurement and technical projects: construction of ramps, purchase of medical and rehabilitation equipment, provision of mobile shower units and laundry for the military.

In January 2015, Stelmakh took the lead of the public procurement and support department at the Defense Ministry, combining it with the post of the head of tender committee. According to her, due to a sharp increase in the workload at the Defense Ministry, particularly in terms of clothing supply of the army and tender procurement, she physically could not cope with all the tasks entrusted to her. In April, Stelmakh decided to continue to lead the department, though moving to the post of committee's deputy head.
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