EU presses Kyiv on anticorruption moves and changes to labor laws, - The Wall Street Journal

The EU government ties reforms to granting Ukrainians visa-free travel to the European Union.

This was written by the European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker in his letter to Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko dated Nov. 5, Censor.NET reports citing The Wall Street Journal.

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In the letter, seen by The Wall Street Journal, Mr. Juncker congratulated Ukraine on progress made in implementing April's visa action plan but pointed out "the three most important steps that still needed to be taken."

Mr. Juncker said Ukraine had to clear the way by the end of November for an anticorruption prosecutor to be appointed. He said Ukrainian authorities also needed to ensure legislation was passed by month-end to make recovery of assets easier in cases of corruption and to provide sufficient resources for an asset-recovery agency to effectively do its job.

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Mr. Juncker also had pressed Ukrainian authorities to deliver on their 2014 promise to change the country's labor code to end discrimination in the labor force. Mr. Juncker said he hoped to see what he called the "well-drafted" amendments proposed by the Ministry of Justice adopted this year.

While the European Commission recommends easing visa requirements for Ukraine, a final decision depends on support from the EU's 28 member states. While some fear that the migration crisis could weaken EU governments' willingness to ease visa rules for Ukraine, Mr. Juncker dismissed that concern at an August news conference with Mr. Poroshenko.

"If the commission will give a positive assessment…I don't doubt for one single second that member states will approve the visa-free" status, Mr. Juncker said.

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