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 Batkivshchyna faction refuses to work in Rada until Teteruk is MP

Batkivshchyna party faction has issued a statement on the incident between MPs Kuzhel and Teteruk.

This is announced by Censor.NET citing Batkivshchyna party website.

The statement blames People's Front MP Teteruk, who allegedly had a conflict with Batkivshchyna MP Kuzhel after the Rada session on Nov. 5, of prior insults towards Batkivshchyna faction in general and Oleksandra Kuzhel in particular.

According to the party, this is the first time in 24 years of Ukraine's independence that a man hits a woman in the Ukrainian parliament. They stress the fact that Teteruk calls himself an officer.

Batkivshchyna announced that Kuzhel suffered a brain concussion and was being treated by doctors. They demand from the Prosecutor's Office to make a presentation on stripping Teteruk off his immunity and arrest him.

"As long as this man is the people's deputy, we as Batkivshchyna faction do not deem it possible to participate in the Verkhovna Rada sessions," the statement reads.

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