It is premature to talk about coalition break-up, - MP Yemets

People's Front MP Leonid Yemets says it is premature to talk about the split of the parliamentary coalition.

As reported by Censor.NET, he said this on the sidelines of Ukraine's parliament.

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Yemets noted that this morning a number of laws was passed, which means "it's not true to say that the coalition does not exist."

Commenting on the fact that the adoption of these laws was preceded by lengthy negotiations of faction leaders, he said: "The parliament is a place for discussions, irrespective of what is said and by whom. The discussions end with a compromise on the agenda, as well as with general voting."

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Commenting on the voting by Batkivshchyna and Samopomich being at odds with the coalition, Yemets recalled that "the coalition agreement clearly stipulates for the procedure of general voting to be observed."

As reported, Poroshenko Bloc - Solidarity MP Mykola Tomenko said today that the coalition has de facto ceased to exist.

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