Kliuiev's ultra-high "green tariff" earned him UAH 2 bln after Maidan, - MP Chornovol

Ultra-high "green tariff" for the energy produced by Kliuiev's solar power stations was abolished only in May 2015. During the period from Maidan's victory and till the lowering of the tariff, Kliuiev managed to earn more than UAH 2 bln (about $86.8 mln).

People's Front MP Tetiana Chornovol writes it in her Ukrainska Pravda blog, Censor.NET informs.

The "Green tariff" for solar power stations was lowered to that existing in Europe (by 50%) only in May this year and only for the period until 2017. In effect, for more than a year after Maidan, Ukrainians paid for Kliuiev's energy at ultra-high rates. Since foreign currency rate rocketed tremendously that year, and the "green tariff" was pegged to euro, Kliuiev earned a fortune from people's pockets. This is how Kliuiev offset the revenue loss in the occupied Crimea... During a year, the amount of compensation made UAH 2 bln," she wrote.

According to the MP, just in one year from July 2014 to June 2015, Enerhorynok SE paid to Kliuiev's companies UAH 3.43 bln (about $149 mln). At the moment, Kliuiev is trying to additionally claim some UAH 350 mln (about $15.2 mln) from the enterprise.

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Chornovol says Arzinger law firm was hired to develop, implement, and justify Kliuiev's "green tariff." After Maidan, Prime Minister Arsenii Yatseniuk took steps to lower the "green tariff" for solar energy to the level of wind energy, i.e. by 50 percent. The corresponding governmental bill was sent to the parliament as early as April 2014. Arzinger actively engaged in the process from the other side - media scene of that period abounded in Arzinger's publications in defense of its client Kliuiev. His lobbyists achieved their goal, the bill was defeated by the Verkhovna Rada, with as many as 202 deputies voting for it in April 2014.

In fall 2014, after a new CEO was appointed at Ukraine's National Energy and Utilities Regulatory Commission, Enerhorynok SE started to turn the tide. First of all, they recalculated the "green tariff" at the rate of the National Bank. Payments to Kliuiev in February and March were reduced by 20-50 percent due to emergency state in Ukraine's wholesale energy market. However, Kliuiev was far from agreeing to lose those UAH 350 mln saved by the state enterprise and has been going to all lengths to return the money. In particular, Kliuiev's companies has already received a number of positive court decisions, Chornovol noted.
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