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 "We understand whose orders law enforcers carry out" – Kolomoiskyi

According to former Dnipropetrovsk governor Ihor Kolomoiskyi, the Korban case is connected with the results of UKROP party at local elections.

He said in an interview to Lb.ua, Censor.NET reports.

"The Korban case is pure politics. I'm sure it is connected with the results of UKROP party at local elections," Kolomoiskyi said.

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"Nobody demanded anything from me; I do not feel neither pressure, nor blackmail. I normally talk to the people at the Administration of the President," he said, answering the question whether it is possible to consider Korban a hostage of the government in its fight with Kolomoiskyi himself.

"Of course, Korban has not committed any crimes; all the charges were made up. We care about him and we will fight in court to prove it. Law enforcers are dependent people; we understand whose orders they carry out. I know that these so called cases were put on a shelf. Why have been they refreshed now? Once again, it's an incomprehensible painful reaction to the result of Ukrop," he added.

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"The patriotic forces should engage in a dialogue. UKROP is a patriotic force, as well as Petro Poroshenko Block," he stressed.

Kolomoisky added that Korban entered the highest echelon of Ukrainian politics after the arrest: "You can congratulate him. Even a day spent in jail automatically sends him to the highest political league. We can say, he passed the test."

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