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 Fire in Svatove fully extinguished, - local authorities

The major fire in Svatove (Luhansk region), which took place yesterday as a result of the explosion at an ammunition depot, was managed to be completely extinguished.

Censor.NET reports citing the statement by the Luhansk regional military and civil administration.

"According to the headquarters, which continues operating in the city of Svatove, the fire at the arsenal has been completely extinguished as of 6 p.m., explosions are not heard. At the same time fire was put out at the mineral fertilizers warehouse owned by Agrochem production enterprise adjacent to the burnt depot. The full range of measures is taken to eliminate the consequences.

"The estimation of losses, the creation of the registry of damaged facilities and the need for appropriate humanitarian assistance are underway," the statement reads.

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The report also describes the destructions caused by the fire.

"The information regarding the damage was received from the Luhanskgaz PJSC: the administrative building of gas facility, warehouses with materials, office equipment, furniture, project documentation, and company fleet has been completely destroyed.

The damage caused to the Luhansk Energy Association Ltd includes ten overhead transmission lines 35 kilowatt each including Svatove-Mankivka overhead transmission line, Svatove-Meluvatka overhead transmission line, Svatove-Raihorodka overhead transmission line (reconstruction is underway); five overhead transmission lines 10 kilowatt each (prior mine clearance required) 29 transformer substations cut out of power.

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Besides, minor damage was inflicted to Svatove substation located 0.9 km from the fire. Svatove electric network facilities destroyed completely including administrative buildings and shops," the statement reads.

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