Central Election Commission member Usenko-Cherna declared hunger strike: "Society opposes current composition of CEC"

Member of the Central Election Commission Zhanna Usenko-Cherna says she has been on hunger strike since yesterday.

As reported by Censor.NET, she announced it to Ukrainska Pravda on Friday.

According to her, there is a situation when the society, political circles oppose the current composition of the Central Election Commission in defiance of the fact that by law commission's members are allowed to proceed with their professional duties.

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Some MPs demand the resignation of the CEC members and even allegedly threaten them with bodily harm, she said.

Usenko-Cherna also noted she had been taken hospital:

"It has turned out I am at Feofaniia Clinic at the moment. I experienced a crisis yesterday, and until the president and the parliament make a decision on the rotation of the CEC members, the society requires, I declare a hunger strike. I started it yesterday. Let those in power form the CEC composition which the UKROP party will trust, and everything will be fine in our country," she said.
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