Prosecutor General’s office must stop undermining reforms, - US Ambassador Pyatt

Like the judiciary, the procuracy must transform itself into a modern, politically independent and professional institution to fight corruption, uphold the rule of law, and protect Ukraine’s government and people.

This was announced by U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt at the US-Ukraine Business Council Oct. 30, Censor.NET reports.

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In his speech, Pyatt praised David Sakvarelidze and Vitali Kasko, "two courageous reformers working to establish an independent Inspector General to investigate and prosecute corrupt individuals within the PGO."

He expressed hopes that the Prosecutor General's office will provide General Sakvarelidze and Kasko "with the resources and authority they need to seek more convictions and restore public trust in the PGO."

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"Kasko's comments to the media this week that he and other reformers within the PGO are under intense pressure are very worrisome, a sign that the battle between Old Ukraine and New Ukraine rages within this critical institution," Pyatt stressed.

The Ambassador said Prosecutor General's Office "must stop undermining reforms, stop protecting corrupt prosecutors within its ranks, such as the notorious "diamond prosecutors" arrested in July, and stop blocking criminal investigations into bribery, graft, and political dealing."

He assured the United States was committed to supporting an effective Prosecutor General's Office which Ukrainians can trust to defend their rights.

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