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 Ukraine uses up paid Russian gas on Saturday while further import depends on cost, - Naftohaz CEO Koboliev

Following the tripartite deal struck in Brussels, Ukraine finishes Oct. 31 purchasing 2 bln cubic meters of natural gas at the price of $227 per thousand cubic meters from Russia's Gazprom while further import depends on its price.

Naftohaz CEO Andrii Koboliev said it before journalists on Thursday, Oct. 29, Censor.NET reports citing UNIAN.

"We bought 2 bln cubic meters from them. Accordingly, multiplying by $227, we obtain the due amount. We've covered the payment in advance and will use up the gas on Saturday," Koboliev said.

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"Further import of gas from Russia will depend on the price," he added.

The Naftohaz CEO also said that to date, the European gas price is lower than that of Gazprom.

"We started to buy reverse gas at more favorable prices than that of Russia. The volume is not big, but we already buy it," Koboliev said.

According to him, there will not be a complete halt of the Russian gas import on Nov. 1, but the volume will be significantly reduced.

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"From Sunday, we are buying the gas to some extent which is less than the 2 bln. We took it off at a high speed of 114 mln cubic meters a day, and now it will drop to a certain level, which we'll define," Koboliev stated.

"We will balance between the European and Russian gas to optimize our purchase portfolio," he added.
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