NATO reckons deployment of more troops in countries bordering Russia, - WSJ

NATO members are considering increase of the number of troops stationed along eastern flank and putting them under formal Alliance command.

The Wall Street Journal reports citing diplomats and military officers, Censor.NET informs.

Under one plan, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization would have a battalion in Poland and each of the three Baltic states-roughly 800 to 1,000 soldiers in each unit. A more modest version would have a single NATO battalion in the area.

While the U.S. and other allies are supportive, however, German officials in particular have expressed reservations, telling the allies in private discussions that they don't want to treat Moscow as a permanent enemy or lock it out of Europe, despite the frictions over Ukraine and other provocations. NATO officials say Berlin is unlikely to back the biggest deployment, but could support the more modest increase.

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NATO officials say the new plans are at an early stage. Nothing has been formally presented to its North Atlantic Council, which requires consensus to approve alliance actions, and no deployments are likely before the July summit of NATO leaders in Warsaw. But senior allied officials say there is a growing agreement that more needs to be done to show Russia that NATO is committed to defend its territory.

Earlier, Poland, Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia have all requested that NATO increase its presence to deter Russian aggression. Poland's new governing party in particular has stated it would renew the push for a permanent allied base.

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