Ukraine urges UN put to justice those responsible for aggressive propaganda

The initiators of aggressive Russian propaganda, which is used by some states to feed new types of ‘hybrid wars’, should be brought to account at the international level.

Representative of Ukraine, Deputy Chairman of the Committee Yehor Pyvovarov said at a meeting of the United Nations Committee on Information, Censor.NET reports citing Ukrinform.

"My delegation would like to call on member states to start elaborating an international document to resist propaganda in order to protect our societies from informational wars at state level, as well as other campaigns aimed at satisfying geopolitical appetites of some unhealthy leaders," the Ukrainian representative stressed.

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Pyvovarov didn't name the state which he was speaking about, but he emphasized that everybody understood what country he meant.

"This country invented a new type of war - the so-called "hybrid war", where state-controlled TV channels, newspapers and thousands of hired internet bots, like armed detachments without identifying marks, pose serious threat to everything we are speaking about and that we are protecting here, in the UN," the diplomat said.

Pyvovarov emphasized that "the UN should become an outpost of the international informational security. The organization should determine, name and hold accountable all those who try to reincarnate the dead spirit of the cold war".

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