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 Deputy Prosecutor General Kasko set to deprive Ukraine of $80 mln in favor of Rosneft, - MP Chornovol

Tetiana Chornovol believes the deputy prosecutor general was protecting interests of customers of the private law firm, neglecting those of the state.

Censor.NET reports referring to People's Front MP Tetiana Chornovol's blog at Ukrainska Pravda.

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"Deputy Prosecutor General Kasko is set to deprive Ukraine of $80 mln in favor of Rosneft [integrated oil company majority owned by the Government of Russia - ed.]. When Rosneft became a client of Arzinger [independent Ukrainian law firm - ed.], seeking to remove the arrest of "Kurchenko's oil," the Ministry of Justice and the General Prosecutor's Office already had two former Arzinger employees in key positions - Anton Yanchuk and Vitalii Kasko.

"The former is the first deputy minister, the latter - deputy prosecutor general, their duties encompassing the restitution of assets stolen by Yanukovych and his associates. Further on, the two became members of the interdepartmental commission on asset recovery, including the assets of Kurchenko [fugitive Ukrainian oligarch - ed.] taken from Ukraine through a Latvian bank in his dealings with Rosneft," she said.

According to the MP, she personally witnessed how Yanchuk and Kasko did their utmost to prevent the relevant information at the Latvian banks from getting to Ukraine. In particular, in August, Chornovol learned that Latvia's criminal police had finished the investigation into a money laundering case, involving Kurchenko's offshores, and arrested in Latvia $80,5 mln under the case. In spring 2015, Latvia offered Ukraine to take over the case and the money. A representative of Latvia's Interior Ministry International Department even visited the Prosecutor General's Office of Ukraine to consider the proposal. All they had to do was to send an international legal order to Latvia signed by Kasko to begin the process of taking over the case and the money.

"However, nothing was done. Furthermore, Latvia's progress in this case was classified. Of course it all was in the interests of Arzinger's client - Rosneft. After all, Latvia was investigating the laundering of funds siphoned off via the corruption scheme investigated by the Interior Ministry. Under this case, Kurchenko-Rosneft's petroleum products were arrested. Deputy Prosecutor General Kasko's inaction was obvious. However, he explained it by the position of his boss - Prosecutor General Shokin. That's why in August I met with Shokin and demanded to take over the Latvian case," Chornovol wrote.

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At that time, she first met Kasko. According to Chornovol, she was surprised by the hatred and aggression the deputy prosecutor general demonstrated upon hearing the seemingly glad news - Latvia was ready to hand over the case to Ukraine, as well as the $80 mln.

"The prosecutor general then ordered Kasko to forward an international legal order to secure arrest and obtain the information on Kurchenko's accounts in Latvia. Two months have passed since then, Ukraine has received nothing! Now that I know Rosneft is Arzinger's client, I have the reasons to believe that the behavior of the deputy prosecutor general was due to protection of private customers of a private law firm while the state interests were neglected," Chornovol concluded.
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