EU Court lifts sanctions against Yanukovych crony Portnov

The General Court of the European Union has lifted sanctions that froze assets of former First Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration Andrii Portnov.

The press service of the General Court reported to Evropeiska Pravda, Censor.NET informs.

The court recognized that the imposition of sanctions solely due to the cooperation with the former regime was unacceptable.

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"The Court upheld Portnov's claim by its ruling and lifted [sanctions, such as] freeze of assets that had been imposed on him," the Court's press service stated.

The court said on Monday that the sanctions imposed against Portnov were based solely on a letter from the Ukrainian Prosecutor General's Office that an investigation into Portnov and others had shown a sizeable misappropriation of state funds and their illegal transfer out of Ukraine.

However, the Court considered that the letter failed to provide any details concerning either the facts alleged against Portnov or his responsibility in that regard. The Court concluded on that basis that the inclusion of Portnov's name on the list does not satisfy the criteria for designating persons whose funds are to be frozen. The very same wording (in the absence of evidence as well) was used to impose sanctions against other representatives of Yanukovych regime including the former president himself.

The court's decision will have no impact on the Portnov's assets since they haven't actually been frozen in any EU country. In addition, the EU has discretionary lifted sanctions against the ex-official. However, the decision of the court can be used as a precedent in the cases of other Ukrainians, who have challenged the sanctions imposed on them.

Portnov has confirmed the information on his page on Facebook.

"The court has fully satisfied my lawsuit, recognized decision of the EU Council regarding me as unlawful and ruled the EU to reimburse all expenditures," he wrote.

Portnov stressed that the Ukrainian authorities were obliged to execute this decision of the EU Court.

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