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 MP Lutsenko: Poroshenko Bloc offers to hold elections in Mariupol Nov. 15

The coalition council has been unable to agree upon the elections in Mariupol and Krasnoarmiisk today and plans to meet tomorrow. Meanwhile, the faction of Petro Poroshenko Bloc party offers to hold elections in Mariupol November 15, 2015. The other factions have taken a time-out.

Chairman of the Poroshenko Bloc faction Yurii Lutsenko said after meeting of the coalition council, Censor.NET reports citing the press service of the Petro Poroshenko Bloc party.

"Our faction has submitted a draft law, which provides for the postponement of the voting day to Nov. 15," chairman of the Poroshenko Bloc faction said noting that the other factions of the coalition have taken a time-out to explore this issue from a legal and political points of view.

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Lutsenko said that the draft law would be considered by coalition council tomorrow.

"If we find consensus, we'll consider the law next week in the parliament. Why consensus is needed? Because then the first and second readings of the bill on elections in these cities will be politically correct. If there will be problems between the first and second readings, we will be unable to hold the elections under the schedule, as you appreciate," Lutsenko said.

He expressed confidence that the elections would take place: "We require providing bulletins and closer control of their use from the part of Kyiv. A proposal to print ballots at the 'Ukraina' state owned printing plant as well as to strengthen control and responsibility for their transfer to the territorial and precinct election commissions have been discussed to prevent a recurrence of a similar situation during the vote in Mariupol in the future," Lutsenko said.

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He also noted that the responsibility for disruption of elections should be put "solely on the territorial election commission, which has decided to draw up a report through reprinting of ballots in other regions."

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