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 "Voting is being rigged across the city," - candidate for Dnipropetrovsk mayor Filatov about tallies

Candidate for mayor of Dnipropetrovsk from the Dill party, MP (independent) Boris Filatov said the voting in the city was being totally rigged.

He wrote this on his Facebook page, Censor.NET reports.

"Voting is being rigged across the city," he wrote while reposting blogger Yulia Livoberezhna's message.

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According to her, the following frauds have been observed in the city. Two election commission heads left the polling stations without signing the copies of protocols. At another polling station, Opposition Bloc appointed a 75-year-old woman head of election commission. In the morning, she got sick on the spot.

At one of the polling stations, the head of election commission went out to balcony and shut the door, "she is writing something and does not let anyone out." At another polling station, the commission corrected the number of votes in favor of Opposition Bloc. Taking out of stamps was recorded at two other stations. At one more station, the head of commission suffered a nervous breakdown, Livoberezhna says.

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