Pressures on Russia to change its gas export policies

On October 23, the Energy Security and Climate Initiative (ESCI) in Washington hosted Eurogas President Gertjan Lankhorst for a conversation on European energy security and the role of natural gas in Europe.

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Europe should concentrate more on completing its natural gas systems and less on trying to reduce demand or building more liquefied natural gas (LNG) import terminals.

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"When Europe believes it has a problem with dominance of a certain supplier - and that usually means Russia - the solution should not be lower imports but more suppliers to encourage competition. That's the healthy approach," Lankhorst said.

The European Commission formed an Energy Union to diversify supply sources, fully integrate the continent's energy market, increase efficiency, reduce emissions, and support research and development of low-carbon technologies.

"The idea that Europe needs to be a liquid market with no price differences between north and south is good, but there needs to be some regulation in transportation, as we've seen in northwestern Europe and the UK. Simply saying dependence on Russia is bad is the wrong approach," the official added.

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"He also suggested that Russia should remain a part of the European gas supply mix. At the same time pressures on Russia has changed its gas exports policies are tremendous.

Eurogas is an association representing the European gas wholesale, retail and distribution sectors. It is comprised of 44 companies and associations from 24 countries, according to the Eurogas website.

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