Kremlin is trying to outtalk West to achieve lifting of sanctions without ending war, - Poroshenko

Russia is trying to achieve lifting or relaxing of sanctions by talking round the peace process in the east of Ukraine confining itself to the cease-fire.

This was stated by President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko at the joint briefing with Prime Minister of Luxembourg Xavier Bettel, Censor.NET reports citing Lіga.

"I would like to clearly demonstrate the difference in the approach of Ukraine and our European, transatlantic and other partners, and Russia's approach. Our goal and sanctions is the tool for the liberation of our country from occupation. The goal, which Russia is pursuing, is to "talk round" the process and lift or relax the sanctions only by the cease-fire," he said.

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Poroshenko is confident that the scenario of the end of the occupation, withdrawal of troops, and recovery of control over the border must prevail.

"The sanctions will be lifted after implementation of the political, humanitarian, socio-economic, and other components of the Minsk process. This does not take place... The policy of sanctions should only be a tool that motivates the aggressor-occupier to negotiate and enforce implementation of the commitments that have been reached in Minsk," he said.

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