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 Volunteers returned state awards protesting against surrender of Mariupol and Donetsk region and government’s interference in elections. PHOTOS

Volunteers Denys Havrylov and Ruslan Skalun have returned the state decorations to the Presidential Administration in protest against the rigging of election in Mariupol in favor of the former members of the Party of Regions.

Censor.NET reports citing UNIAN.

They brought decorations to the Presidential Administration with an explanatory letter.

Havrylov, a volunteer and head of the Ukrop party campaign headquarters in the city of Mariupol, was awarded Third Class Order of Courage for his merits in the liberation of Mariupol.

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He stressed that he very much respected the award for it was granted "not by the president but by Ukraine".

"But I would not want to receive it from the president, who can hardly be called a patriot of Ukraine. If there is the next president-patriot in the near future and he decides to grant the decorations again or return these ones, we will be open to this idea," Havrylov assured.

According to volunteer, he was forced to return the decoration due to the situation with the elections in Mariupol. Havrylov was picketing the Central Election Committee together with Ukrop activists yesterday demanding to stop interfering with the election process in Mariupol.

"Massive electoral fraud is taking place in the south of Ukraine - in Mariupol, Berdiansk, Zaporizhia," the activist said.

Chairman of 'Code of Honor' volunteer union, the Mariupol City Council candidate representing Ukrop party Ruslan Skalun said that he gladly accepted his decoration by the Third Class Order of Merit in June. "It was a great honor for me and all our volunteer union of Mariupol," he said.

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Skalun believes that the city is currently being surrendered: "I see what is happening on the line of defense - if there is the same pace of military forces concentration, we'll probably witness creation of a corridor to Crimea. We urge the president to pay attention to the political and military situation in Mariupol. Dear guarantor, please do not surrender Mariupol."

The Presidential Administration accepted the decorations and the explanatory letter from the volunteers having noted that it was the first time people returned decorations granted to them.

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