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 Ukroboronprom: Armed Forces to receive Ukrainian Spektrum drones in November. PHOTO

As soon as November this year, the Armed Forces of Ukraine will get home-produced drones "Spektrum."

As reported by Censor.NET, this was announced by Ukroboronprom's General Director Roman Romanov on air of 5 Channel. According to him, Ukroboronprom is currently able to produce a new UAV similar to world's analogues.

"Producers of highly effective Global Observer UAS and our western partners say this model is similar to world's analogues... It is much cheaper, but in fact it was tested during the anti-terrorist operation (ATO) and adapted to modern warfare. And it is its hallmark," he said.

Romanov elaborated: "The most important thing under the present circumstances is the resistance to jamming [generated by means of electronic warfare - ed.]... It is almost impossible to bring it down. At least, a series of tests we conducted showed that out of seven drones this was the only UAV to have passed the full cycle of tests... Now it is about the decision by the Ministry of Defense [on mass production - ed.] - it should come up with a quantitative order."

According to Romanov, the Armed Forces will get the Ukrainian drones as soon as November.

"Ukroboronprom's subsidiaries are already producing the drones. The Ministry of Defense submitted an order in April and in November Spektrum UAVs will be supplied to the Armed Forces. In effect, the army already has drones," Romanov stated.

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