Nadiya Savchenko’s sister Vira to be only defense witness at Ukrainian pilot’s trial

The only witness for the defense -- sister of Ukrainian pilot Nadiya Savchenko Vira -- will testify in the Donetsk city court in the Rostov region of the Russian Federation.

Censor.NET reports citing Radio Svoboda.

Oct. 14, Savchenko's defense announced that the Russian FSB had forbidden Vira Savchenko the country until 2020. The lawyers insisted that it was violation of Nadiya Savchenko's right of defense since her sister was the defense witness. The lawyers of the Ukrainian pilot subsequently filed a petition to the court in the Russian Donetsk to summon her sister Vira Savchenko as witness for the defense as well as informed the court that the FSB had banned her entry to the territory of the Russian Federation. The Russian authorities stated that they were not aware of the exclusion of Savchenko's sister. Oct. 19, Vira Savchenko was granted entry to Russia.

The witnesses were giving testimonies in the court during the preliminary hearing of Savchenko case on Monday. Nadiya Savchenko and her defense had previously stated that many of the witnesses for the prosecution and investigation were possibly false.

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Nadiya Savchenko is accused by Russia of killing two Russian TV channel employees, who illegally visited vicinity of Luhansk last summer providing information support to the armed separatists, as well as the assault with intent to murder a group of separatists and illegal crossing of the Russian border.

Savchenko and her defense refute the charges and claim that she had been already captured by the separatists at the moment of death of the Russian journalists and then forcibly taken to Russia.

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