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 Avakov elaborated on militsiia's transition to police

During the selection procedure, attention will be paid to officers' personal qualities, their complaints about the service, and desire to serve on in the National Police of Ukraine.

It was announced today, Oct. 20, by Interior Minister Arsen Avakov during a meeting at the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, Censor.NET reports citing ministerial press service.

Arsen Avakov told the participants about the transition from militsiia [old police - ed.] to police as well as about major changes within the structure, which are already underway to certain extent.

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He also noted that after the end of the electoral process, these changes will become "more intense."

According to the minister, the transition from militsiia officer to police officer starts with submitting an appropriate report. If applicant's service record is positive, he or she moves on to the next stage - re-certification. If not, the applicant may get laid off.

However, the selection will be conducted in an unbiased manner. Avakov assured the participants that the fighters of Interior Ministry volunteer battalions "should not worry about their future," because they will be able to join either special task police forces or the National Guard of Ukraine.

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"None of our fighters or officers will be ignored or left without our consideration," Avakov said.

He also stated that the chiefs of regional departments will be selected in the contest, with the participation of advisory commissions composed of both Ukrainian and foreign experts.

The minister added that some major cities in Ukraine will no longer have city militsiia departments. At the same time, district departments will receive new functions.

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