Weapons under 100-mm to start withdrawing tomorrow, - Ukrainian Army General Staff

Ukraine will launch next stage of the Donbas war deescalation -- withdrawal of weapons under 100 mm in the Donbas region -- tomorrow, Oct. 20.

This was announced by the General Staff speaker Vladyslav Selezniov on air of 112 Ukraine TV channel, Censor.NET reports.

"According to a scheduled plan developed within activities of the working group that operated in the Minsk format, tomorrow we have to launch the next stage of the conflict in the east of our country - the process of withdrawal of weapons under 100 mm in the Donetsk region. Everything needed to fulfill in full those agreements that have been discussed by the Minsk working group and accorded properly within the 'Normandy Four' is ready. There are two key points. The first is total control over the process by the OSCE Mission representatives, the second is observation of the cease-fire in the anti-terrorist operation area," Selezniov said.

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"Any announcements by the other side that they are planning to postpone the process of the withdrawal of weapons under 100 mm are aimed at revision of the Minsk agreements. It is certain that the other party to the conflict has no powers to do so. The thing is that the schedule of withdrawal of weapons under 100 mm has been agreed upon by the working groups. Thus, any corrections can be made only within the activities of the working group. Other statements are inadmissible in the format of the deescalation of the conflict in the east of Ukraine," the General Staff speaker noted.
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