Volume of smuggling in occupied Donbas exceeded 35 billion hryvnia this year. VIDEO

Smuggling of goods to the occupied territories of Donbas is covered by senior officials of the Interior Ministry and the SBU from Kyiv. The large-scale smuggling is underway between Ukraine and its occupied part thanks to their "efforts".

Censor.NET reports citing the soldiers of the special task force, whose mission is to counter the illegal front-line business. The much-touted idea of logistics centers is poorly implemented as well. In reality, they look like poor roadside markets, which are unable to compete with powerful contraband flows in the so-called 'gray zone'. Besides, there are hidden passages that are not marked on military maps. The volume of smuggling between Ukraine and fake republics has already reached hundreds of millions of hryvnia. "When we detain smugglers we receive calls from Kyiv with orders not to touch or release certain persons," the operatives said.

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Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/v356884
Source: TSN