Senior officials of PGO’s Main Investigation Department keep backing "diamond prosecutors", - Deputy Prosecutor General Kasko

Deputy Prosecutor General Vitalii Kasko says that Military Prosecutor's Office is investigating two criminal cases into officials of the PGO’s General Inspectorate involved in development of special operation to arrest prosecutors Volodymyr Shapakin and Oleksandr Korniiets suspected of corruption.

He said this in an interview to Ukrinform, Censor.NET reports.

Asked whether there still was a conflict in the Prosecutor General's Office, which arose after the arrest of the "diamond prosecutors", he said: "The situation has been frozen, but the problem has not disappeared."

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He also noted that the cases that were opened against his subordinates have not yet been closed.

"At least two cases into employees of the General Inspectorate are investigated by the Military Prosecutor's Office. These absolutely far-fetched criminal proceedings are means of psychological pressure on prosecutors and investigators. There are also attempts to revive one case with the help of certain scheme through the court. It concerns our investigators, prosecutors, SBU officers and the judges of the Court of Appeal.

"The case was dismissed on the second day after it was opened due to public outcry. Suspect Volodymyr Shapakin, who had nothing to do with this case, has somehow acquired the decision of the court to close this proceeding and appealed it in court. That is a sort of a scheme to revive the criminal investigation into our prosecutors through the court. Shapakin's defense acquired the relevant court ruling in the Main Investigation Department of the Prosecutor General's Office bearing no relation to this case and having no procedural status in it.

"What does it mean? It means that the senior officials of the Main Investigation Department of the PGO keep backing "diamond prosecutors". Thus, a signal to other prosecutors is given that it is those in the system who are fighting corruption will have problems, not vice versa."

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