Cutting gas royalties plays oligarchs' game and undermines subsidies, - Yatseniuk

Prime Minister Arsenii Yatseniuk believes that the bill on the reduction of rental rates for the natural gas extracted for the needs of population adopted by the Parliament in the first reading, may endanger financing subsidies for population.

Censor.NET reports citing governmental press service.

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"The bill on the reduction of rental rates for natural gas extraction supported by the Parliament in the first reading, plays into hands of oligarchs and affects low-income citizens who receive subsidies due to extra revenues taken from gas tycoons and the state-owned company Ukrhazvydobuvannia," Yatseniuk said.

He emphasized that the bill offers reducing rents for joint ventures from 70 percent to approximately 20 percent. "This "joint activity" is solely controlled by Ukraine's gas oligarchs, contributing to the shadow energy sector and generating shadow income," Yatseniuk says.

According to him, 3.3 mln households in Ukraine have already received subsidies.

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"This was done deliberately, before the elections, in order to undermine the program of granting subsidies to the citizens of Ukraine," he stressed.

"I am amazed by the fact the bill was voted for by Poroshenko Bloc faction. I publicly call on the president of Ukraine to veto this law, should the norms providing for the reduction of rental rates for gas oligarchs and the state-owned company Ukrhazvydobuvannia be adopted in the second reading," the prime minister stressed.

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Yatseniuk said he "will not let anyone undermine the system of subsidies": "It is UAH 24.5 bln (about $1.15 bln) coming directly from the royalties. If someone wants to take money away from poor people and return it back to gas tycoons, then I have a full list of people behind it, giving bribes in the Parliament for the law to be adopted."

The prime minister urged the president of Ukraine "to influence his faction and not to let it undermine the basic reform in the country." "It is 10 mln Ukrainian citizens who need help. The rich will not get the help, especially those controlling gas wells," he stated.
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