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 Rada authorizes military to enter into short-term contracts, - MP Pashynskyi

The Verkhovna Rada has allowed soldiers to enter short-term contracts valid for six months or one year instead of the previously required three-year ones.

253 deputies voted for the corresponding bill No. 2356 to amend the "Law of Ukraine on military duty and military service" (clarifying the terms of military service under the contract), Censor.NET reports citing the press service of the People's Front faction.

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As National Security and Defense Committee Chairman, a representative of the People's Front faction Serhii Pashynskyi pointed out during his speech from the parliamentary rostrum, many military were ready to continue defending their homeland after 11 months of service in the ATO area but the three-year contract often kept them from doing so.

"Why should we keep these people? Firstly, these are the persons with combat experience. Secondly, the people, whom we will mobilize and call up for military service, require enormous financial outlay on their material needs and training, to prepare them to serve in the Armed Forces of Ukraine," Pashynskyi said.

According to him, a number of heavy reforms were implemented in the Ukrainian army over the past year. The number of decisions that have been taken in favor of the military lately exceeds the one taken during the last 24 years of the Ukrainian Independence.

"But the contract army must constitute the backbone of the Armed Forces and at the same time there should also be mobilization reserve. That is why we have adopted the law prohibiting sending the conscripts to the ATO area, which at the same time allows us to develop this mobilization reserve. According to our estimates, our reserve shall amount to half a million people as of June 1," the National Security and Defense Committee Chairman said.

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