Russian Justice Ministry's statement on Savchenko testifies that guilty verdict has been prepared for her, - Ukraine's Justice Minister Petrenko

The statement by the Russian Justice Ministry on possibility of the Ukrainian pilot and MP Nadiya Savchenko to return to Ukraine after the sentencing proves that the court has its ruling already prepared.

This was announced by Ukrainian Justice Minister Pavlo Petrenko, Censor.NET reports citing Interfax-Ukraine.

"The Russian Ministry of Justice has once again confirmed that Russian judicial system and courts are hand-held. This statement, made before Nadiya is sentenced by the Russian court, proves that the sentence has been already prepared and it is guilty verdict for sure," he said commenting on the Russian Justice Ministry's relevant statement.

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Ukrainian Justice Minister said that such statements are "far from justice and fairness." "They should be ashamed for making such statements before the sentence," Petrenko added.

He also said the Ukrainian government was doing its best to return Nadiya Savchenko, who is "a hostage of the Russian regime," to Ukraine.

The statement in question read that Nadiya Savhcneko's transfer to her home country could only be possible after the sentencing and on condition that Ukraine recognizes the court's ruling and guarantees the punishment of the convicted.

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