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 More than 60 civilians killed in Russia's air strikes in Syria, - German journalist. PHOTOS+VIDEO

Russia has carried out massive air strikes on peaceful quarters in northern Homs province in Syria. This attack has become one of the bloodiest moments of the war in Syria in recent years (Beware, the published photos and video footage contain violence scenes and may suppress the mind. They are not recommended to minors and people with weak mentality).

Bild journalist Julian Röpcke wrote this on his Twitter feed, Censor.NET reports citing TSN.

According to him, the death toll from the air strikes has reached at least 65 people.

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The journalist has also analyzed the video of bombings released by Russia's Defense Ministry and made certain conclusions on professionalism of the Russian military. As it turned out, Russian aircraft often missed the targets. The targets marked with yellow squares in printscreens shown by the journalists were not often hit by Russian bombs (bombs hit the places marked in red).

However, the Syrian political opposition has reported 36 dead civilians. "All the targets in today's Russian air raid over northern Homs were civilians," Khaled Khoja, head of the Turkey-based Syrian National Coalition, wrote on his Twitter feed.

According to him, the air strikes targeted areas where Islamic State and al Qaeda-linked fighters are not present, Reuters reports.

"Russia is intervening not to fight ISIL (Islamic State), but to prolong the life of Assad," Khoja said on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly, adding that the opposition rebels suffered no losses as a result of the air strikes.

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According to him, the Syrians have right to resist Russia's aggression.

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As also reported, the civilian population of Syria needs to be protected before a political solution of the situation is worked out. "Protection of Syria's civilians is necessary before there can be a political track," he added.Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/p354291