Kvitashvili exposed deputies asking money for their "programs"

Health Minister Alexander Kvitashvili says that he has been approached by many MPs, including from the relevant committee of the Verkhovna Rada, with a request to allocate funds for their programs.

As reported by Censor.NET, Kvitashvili said it in an interview with Glavkom.

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"I am a man of deeds. When people come to me and say they have an interesting small target program that they need to fund, I decline it. Because the budget money is not intended to finance some small personal programs," Kvitashvili said.

When asked who came and with what proposals, the minister said: "A lot of MPs. In particular, those who work in the relevant committee... For example, Bohomolets [Olha Bohomolets, doctor and Maidan medic activist - ed.] has a program "80+." This program stipulates for purchasing several buses, cars that would travel around the country to measure the pressure and give pills to those who are 80+."

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Kvitashvili said he declined Bohomolets' initiative as it "would be very expensive and have no effect."

"However, I said that if, for example, she found a donor who was interested in this project, I would not hinder. But I refused to allocate money. It has nothing to do with the health care reform, it is just kind of a program," the minister said.

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He also said he was visited by people's deputy Oleh Musii.

"Mr. Musii also had a small project regarding patient register. He asked me to form a working group. I did it: attended a meeting, listened to them, read what they wrote. I said there was a project of the World Bank aimed at creating this register and all those databases, and there was no necessity to do anything separately. We would wait for the bank to announce the contest. If the group found it interesting, then it should apply for an open tender. But no separate funding would be allocated. I do not know, if Oleh Musii got offended or not. I do not remember what the budget was but certainly not small. There was another deputy in this group, who wrote that I did not form the group and bungled the job," Kvitashvili said.
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