Poroshenko's chief administrator Lozhkin may witness in €5 mln laundering case, - Austrian media

Austrian litigation might dramatically impact Ukraine's domestic policy, Austria's media say.

Three people appear to have been involved in the laundering case, with amount of damage from dubious transactions being estimated at more than €5 mln.

Head of the Presidential Administration of Ukraine Borys Lozhkin may witness in the case, Austrian news agency APA writes, Censor.NET reports referring to ZN,UA.

Austrian Prosecutor's Office anti-corruption department claims to have found evidence of money laundering, investigating suspicious case involving Head of the Presidential Administration of Ukraine Borys Lozhkin.

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Two more people are featured in the case, who are citizens of Ukraine. "We are talking about more than €5 mln of damage," the article notes. It is possible that Lozhkin may be named in this case only as a witness. Austrian prosecutors have already sent a request to Ukraine's Prosecutor General's Office seeking assistance in the investigation, which has been lately announced by people's deputy and ex-journalist Serhii Leshchenko. As the medium reports, Lozhkin, "who had previously been a successful media businessman and was later appointed head of the presidential office, is Poroshenko's acolyte and one of the most influential officials in the country."

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"Therefore, Austrian litigation might dramatically impact Ukraine's domestic policy" the article reads. The agency reports that the 43-year-old Lozhkin (originally from Kharkiv) is a multimillionaire. Just a few months before the political upheaval in Ukraine, he sold his UMH group share ($400-500 million) in 2013 to oligarch Serhii Kurchenko who fled to Russia after Yanukovych's regime fell. "It is possible that the current investigation is related to the deal," the statement notes. According to the article, this investigation comes as untimely for Ukraine's President Petro Poroshenko. "In recent years, he has often fallen under Western criticism due to lack of efforts in fighting corruption," the agency notes.Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/n353497