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 "Shokin must put Poroshenko and Yatseniuk’s friends Lozhkyn, Martynenko, Kononenko, Ivanchuk to prison. They are shadow government of Ukraine," – Poroshenko Bloc MP Leshchenko

The decisions in the Ukrainian politics are actually taken by a narrow circle of people close to the president and the prime minister - the so-called "shadow government", whose reputation is far from impeccable and their decisions have clear signs of corruption. It is paramount to put "the big fish" from among the "shadow government" to prison to restore public confidence and show commitment to fight against corruption.

Poroshenko Bloc faction MP Serhii Leshchenko wrote in his blog, Censor.NET informs.

"Minister of Economy Aivaras Abromavicius received a message not so long ago: "That is not the way the team should act", - he was reproached by his interlocutor. It was a reaction to Abromavicius' attempt to dismiss head of one of the state enterprises that had become a feeding trough for corrupt officials.

"The message was sent by former MP, former minister and a powerful politician David Zhvania.

"Zhvania is one of the Ukrainian government power brokers. According to Mikheil Saakashvili, there is a "shadow government" along with an official one in Ukraine that decides which path the country will follow and who will benefit from this. They did splendidly under the old regime as well and became main beneficiaries of the Maidan after it took place.

"Besides President Poroshenko and PM Yatseniuk, the "shadow government" includes their close associates Borys Lozhkyn, Ihor Kononenko, Mykola Martynenko and Andrii Ivanchuk.

"For example, the parliament was forced to adopt the budget for 2015 at 5 a.m. last winter thanks to Andrii Ivanchuk as he was going to New Year holidays with his family and friends.

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"Poroshenko's friend since his service in the Army Ihor Kononenko is the eyes and ears of the president in the parliament. He holds confidential meetings in 5th Element sports facility which is their joint project. Heads of state owned energy companies are appointed there.

"Borys Lozhkyn is not just the head of the presidential administration. He also acts as a recruitment agency. He took part in dozens appointments.

"Mykola Martynenko is Yatseniuk's treasurer. This was clearly announced by former MP Ihor Skosar, who stated that he paid $6 million through Martynenko to become the MP during Parliamentary elections in 2012.

"This is certainly not the full list of the shadow government. Vitalii Khomutynnik, Yurii Kosiuk, and Arsen Avakov are among those people, who make decisions to some extent.

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"I have recently spoken to a high-ranking official, who tried to prove the alleged efficiency of Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin, because "he initiated proceedings against the two heads of district administrations." It looks ridiculous. In fact, society will not be satisfied even by prosecution of Yanukovych associates. "The big fish" from the "shadow government" must be put to prison to restore the trust of the citizens."

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