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 SBU neutralized "LPR" subversive group planning to blow up bridge across Dnipro River in Dnipropetrovsk. PHOTOS+VIDEO

Officers of the Security Service of Ukraine together with police neutralized an "LPR" subversive group in Dnipropetrovsk, which group was preparing several attacks in the region.

Censor.NET reports citing the press service of the SBU.


The law enforcers have detained two members of the group near the Kaidak road bridge across the Dnipro River, which they planned to blow up. Three F-1 and three RGD-5 grenades as well as six fuses for them have been seized from the saboteurs. The Security Service officers have arrested two more members of this group the same day. One of them appeared to be a police officer.

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The law enforcement officers seized two pistols, radios, edged weapons, four fake passports of citizens of Ukraine, computers and the like from the terrorists during search.

The detainees admitted their involvement in the explosion of a grenade in the yard of the Amur-Nyzhniodniprovskyi district military enlistment office in Dnipropetrovsk committed Sept. 12. They were also gathering and transmitting the information to the "LPR" terrorists about places of deployment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine detachments involved in anti-terrorist operation as well as volunteer battalions and volunteer centers.

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SBU investigators initiated criminal proceedings under Part 1 of the Article 258-3 (creation of a terrorist group or a terrorist organization) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. The detainees were served notice of suspicion and chosen a pre-trial restriction of remand in custody. The investigation to determine saboteurs' possible involvement in other crimes is underway.

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