"When they want to block PGO's reform, criminal proceeding against Sakvarelidze is opened, and when it comes to Kliuiev's arrest - Shokin sees no reason for that," - Anti-Corruption Action Center Director

Anti-Corruption Action Center Executive Director Daria Kaleniuk accused Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin of applying discrimination approach and hampering PGO's reform.

As reported by Censor.NET, according to Kaleniuk, such actions of the Prosecutor General's Office can be proved by almost instantaneous arrest of the Radical Party member Mosiichuk and PGO's submission of a request to the Parliament to authorize the arrest of Serhii Kliuiev. The latter managed to escape abroad due to lasting procedural issues.

The center has got a few more questions to the prosecutor general, Kaleniuk said. For example, on the criminal case opened against deputy prosecutor Sakvarelidze and his team of reformers for incorrectly developed tests for selection of new prosecutors. At the same time, Shokin appoints Yurii Hryshchenko, an immediate superior of an infamous "diamond" prosecutor and the one who failed to notice a subordinate storing half a million corruption dollars at the PGO, a member of the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor selection board.

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