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 Putin needs truce until Europe's decision on sanctions in December, - Bildt

Russian President Vladimir Putin is interested in the so-called "truce" in the Donbas, which can last until EU's decision on extension of sanctions in December.

As reported by Censor.NET, ex-Minister of Foreign Affairs of Sweden Carl Bildt said this in an interview with Evropeiska Pravda.

According to him, a respite in the Donbas is a really good sign.

It proves the fact that if Russia wants to stop the armed confrontation in the Donbas, it will be able to do this, Bildt says, adding that the present lull can be attributed to Putin's visit to UN's General Assembly on Sept. 28, which he has not attended for a long time and where a beautiful image is needed to accompany him.

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He also notes it is possible that Putin will need a real cease-fire until the EU decides on extension of sanctions in December.

Moreover, Russian-backed rebels, according to Bildt, are simply not capable of any serious offensive at the moment.
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