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 Petition to award Colonel-tankman Yevhen Sydorenko title of Hero of Ukraine created on president’s website

The petition on immediate awarding of Colonel Yevhen Sydorenko the distinguished and deserved title of Hero of Ukraine for his immense contribution into withdrawal of Ukrainian convoys from Ilovaisk operating T72B3 tank captured from the Russians has been created on the website of the president of Ukraine Sept. 15.

Within six days, the petition has been signed by 2,009 people out of 25,000 required, Censor.NET informs.

Being a direct participant of the events near Ilovaisk after the invasion of the Russian troops, chief of the armored troops of the Southern military operational command Colonel Yevhen Sydorenko headed the captured Russian T72B3 tank and engaged in an unequal battle with the invaders. His crew has destroyed several enemy armored vehicles showing unprecedented courage over 24 hours then.

Being at the forefront, Colonel Sydorenko cleared the way to withdraw the Ukrainian troops' convoy from the encirclement. The colonel and his wounded crew members fought out from the entrapment with arms in hand after the enemy had destroyed their armored vehicle.

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The heroic deed and bravery of Yevhen Sydorenko during the battle has saved hundreds of lives of the Ukrainian soldiers.

However, Censor.NET Chief Editor Yurii Butusov noted that despite the Defense Ministry and the General Staff recommendations to grant Yevhen Sydorenko a decoration a year ago have not been heard by the Presidential Administration.

"And there is one more trouble: some man of no scruples has created another similar petition with the same text apparently to reduce the number of signatures in support of the original petition and dispersion of votes. Please do not mix them up!" Butusov said.

It should be reminded that in accordance with the Law "on citizens' petitions", the head of state must consider an e-petition supported by at least 25,000 citizens within three months from the date of its creation. 86 days left for the petition to gather the required number of supporters.

You can support awarding Colonel Yevhen Sydorenko the title of Hero of Ukraine by signing the petition on the president's website.

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