Russian involvement in Syria complicates the conflict

The crisis in Syria is becoming "more complicated" by Russian involvement in tackling Islamic State

UK Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond said today during the meeting with his U.S. counterpart, Censor.NET reports citing Interfax-Ukraina

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Speaking with his U.S.counterpart John Kerry, Hammond said the possibility of a fresh vote on British military action in Syria was under constant review, but he indicated the government had reservations about the involvement of the Russian president, Vladimir Putin.

Philip Hammond also said the government had been clear that if it believed airstrikes in Syria were necessary it would go back to parliament for a vote.

"We keep that situation under continuous review and we will continue to talk to our allies about the military situation in the round. Because of the Russian engagement, the situation in Syria is becoming more complicated. I think we need to discuss this as part of a much bigger problem: the migration pressures, the humanitarian crisis in Syria as well as the need to defeat Isil," UK Foreign Secretary said.

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The question for the West is whether Russia wants to help the Syrian government fight IS or simply keep Mr Assad in power. Either way, it's making the Syrian equation even more complicated.
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