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 A better balance between sanctions against Russia and support for Ukraine should be established - Soros

Europe now faces at least five crises at the same time: four internal ones—the euro, Greece, migration, and the British referendum on whether to remain in the EU—and an external one, Russian aggression against Ukraine.

"Obviously five crises cannot all be solved at the same time. There is a need to give preferential treatment to some of them without neglecting any. I have been strenuously arguing that Ukraine should be given top priority," American business magnate George Soros said, Censor.NET reports citing НВ.

Because an external threat like the Russian aggression against Ukraine ought to unite the European Union.

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"There is a new Ukraine that is determined to become the opposite of the old Ukraine. The old Ukraine had much in common with the old Greece that proved so difficult to reform: an economy that was dominated by oligarchs and a political class that exploited its position for private gain instead of serving the public. The new Ukraine, by contrast, is inspired by the spirit of the Maidan revolution in February 2014 and seeks to radically reform the country. By treating Ukraine like a second-class Greece that is not even a member of the European Union, Europe is in danger of turning the new Ukraine back into the old Ukraine. That would be a fatal mistake because the new Ukraine is one of the most valuable assets that Europe has, both for resisting Russian aggression and for recapturing the spirit of solidarity that characterized the European Union in its early days," Soros stressed

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George Soros has a strong position to make this argument because he has an intimate knowledge of the new Ukraine through both his Ukrainian foundation and personal involvement in the country

He argued that sanctions against Russia are necessary but not sufficient. The main reason is that President Vladimir Putin has developed a very successful interpretation of the current situation with which to defend himself against the sanctions. He claims that all of Russia's economic and political difficulties are due to the hostility of the Western powers, who want to deny Russia its rightful place in the world. Russia is the victim of their aggression. Putin's argument appeals to the patriotism of Russian citizens, and asks them to put up with the hardships- which include financial instability and shortages-that the sanctions cause.

"The only way to prove Putin wrong is by establishing a better balance between sanctions against Russia and support for Ukraine," Soros concluded
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