Infrastructure Ministry to ban trucks over 40 tons from Ukrainian roads

The poor state of Ukrainian roads is explained not only by the poor funding to repair them, but also by misuse, as well as lack of weight control for the vehicles.

Director of the department of the strategic road infrastructure and transport development of the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine Roman Khmil said in an interview to Censor.NET.

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"Economically, it is feasible to transport cargoes with trucks of maximum 40 tons. Excess weight destroys the road much faster. For example, a total weight of 50 tons instead of 40 tons (only 25% more) causes 2.66 times greater damage, while a truck weighing 60 tons causes four times greater damage," he said.

"We shouldn't reinvent the wheel - the same limit of 40 tons goes for the highways throughout Europe. And on the local roads, the European countries have bans for trucks over 24 tons, which we should introduce too," he said.

The Ministry of Infrastructure has proposed to introduce a ban on the movement of trucks with shared cargoes if the load on a single axle exceeds 11 tons, the load on a tandem axle exceeds 16 tons, the load on a tridem axle exceeds 22 tons, or if the actual weight exceeds 40 tons.

"The draft resolution has been published on the website of the ministry and is now in the public discussion," Khmil added.

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