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 Mukacheve shootout provoked by police officers, - Parliamentary Commission

Verkhovna Rada temporary investigation commission has concluded that the conflict in Mukacheve was largely provoked by actions of Interior Ministry and Security Service leadership in the Zakarpattia region.

As reported by Censor.NET citing BBC Ukraine, this was announced by commission's chairman Mykola Palamarchuk.

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"There are all reasons to believe that the armed conflict in Mukacheve was largely provoked by actions of Interior Ministry and Security Service leadership in the Zakarpattia region, as they were not only aware of the meeting between Right Sector representatives and Mr Lanio but also involved in its arrangement," he said.

The commission also criticized actions of law enforcers in the Zakarpattia region during 2014-2015, who, according to deputies, were not fighting against smuggling but contributed to it.

"Elimination of smuggling schemes requires full and not partial change of law enforcement leadership in the Zakarpattia region," commission's chairman stated.

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According to Palamarchuk, this is the reason why volunteers are so dissatisfied with region's law enforcement, which forced them to create a group "taking over law enforcement functions." However, as noted, the group also included people who wanted to take control of the contraband flows in the region.

The commission concluded that in Mukacheve there were "tensions between patriotic or radical-minded people who returned from the ATO, and law enforcement authorities."

The report also notes that "the main reason of the armed conflict in Mukacheve was a showdown between the representatives of Zakarpattia major political and business groups controlling contraband flows across the state border of Ukraine running through the region."

The commission added that law enforcers have different versions of the conflict in Mukacheve.

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"According to information provided by the SBU, PGO, and Interior Ministry, law enforcement authorities have different viewpoints regarding the events of July 11, 2015 in Mukacheve. In fact, each of them suggests its own version of the conflict," Palamarchuk said.

According to the Interior Ministry, from March 2013 till July 2015 a criminal organization operated in the region, which, using Right Sector insignia and uniform, committed crimes and abductions.

As previously reported, a shootout took place in Mukacheve, July 11. The conflict occurred between Right Sector representatives and people close to people's deputy Mykhailo Lanio.

As a result of the incident, 14 people suffered, at least three of them died.
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