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 Dzhemilev about Crimea's blockade: "Occupants are in hysterics, call us people's enemies and say we want to starve them to death"


Petro Poroshenko Bloc MP, Commissioner of the President of Ukraine for the Crimean Tatar People Mustafa Dzhemilev says that Russia's occupants in Crimea were indignant to learn about the initiative of Crimean Tatars to block the administrative border with the peninsula.

He said it in an interview with Censor.NET.

"They have fallen into hysterics. First, they called it nonsense, claiming they would do without these products. And then, they call us people's enemies who want to starve them to death. But if you can do without Ukrainian products, what starvation are you talking about?" Dzhemilev said.

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He also adds that during these few days before the blockade, the trucks with Ukrainian goods have been permitted into the territory of Crimea in "accelerated" regime.

"I know that at the moment all trucks are rapidly crossing the border almost without checking. Because they know that it is to be closed. There are threats though: some people will be prosecuted there, with the occupational regime intending to open criminal cases against the participants," Dzhemilev said.

See the full interview in Russian here.Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/n352467