National guards' killing outside Verkhovna Rada on Aug. 31. Interior Ministry investigation. VIDEO+PHOTOS

The Interior Ministry believes that the underlying idea behind the events outside the Verkhovna Rada on Aug. 31 was to organize a turmoil near Ukraine's Parliament by a specially prepared group and use the havoc to disguise the main act - a bloody terrorist attack.

As reported by Censor.NET, this was announced by Head of the Interior Ministry of Ukraine Arsen Avakov in his report, presented on Thursday in the Verkhovna Rada, which is published on ministry's website.

According to Avakov, as a result of the events outside the Verkhovna Rada on Aug. 31, 157 law enforces and civilians were injured, including 110 hit by grenade's explosion. Three people were killed, 81 persons still stay at hospitals, one soldier is in an extremely grave condition.

"All this resulted from a previously planned and organized provocation. Its purpose, according to one version of the investigation, was a large-scale destabilization of the situation in the country with its following involvement in a large-scale armed violence and civil strife," Avakov said.

According to the minister, as of Sept. 18, three persons are directly involved in the terrorist act. Person 1 is crime's perpetrator. Two other persons - Person 2 and Person 3 - had to meet him, disguise his actions while throwing a grenade, and secure his departure from the scene.

"The main instigators of clashes were activists from among the participants of a street action by Svoboda party," Avakov stated.

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Avakov noted that no political persecution is carried out under the investigation - legal assessment is given only to certain actions and person.

Video No. 1 (rioting with active participants' faces marked in circles).

It is established that the clashes near the Verkhovna Rada were preceded by a series of other events. Aug. 26, 2015, Svoboda members and leadership, including Oleh Tiahnybok, Yurii Syrotiuk, Ihor Kryvetskyi, arrived in Kurakhove village in the Donetsk region. On the next day, they held an official meeting with Sich battalion fighters followed by private conversation with 15-20 party supporters. The person suspected in committing the attack was also present there.

Another similar conversation took place in Vodiane village, where Karpatska Sich battalion was deployed, which is part of the 93rd Separate Mechanized Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Slide No. 1 (below) shows the guests with Person 2 who is suspected of committing the terrorist act.
мвд свобода столкновения под радой
On the following day, both suspects left for Kyiv. One of them - Person 1 - submitted willful resignation from the law enforcement on Saturday, Aug. 29 on the grounds of low salary. A few other fighters of Sich police battalion acted in the same manner. Slide No. 2 (below) is the resignation report of Person 1.
мвд свобода столкновения под радой

Video No. 2 (grenade throwing)

It is established that Person 1, escaping the scene, went to the greenery in front of the Parliament. There he changed clothes, took off the mask and put everything in a backpack. Upon the detention, the evidence was seized from suspect's backpack, including one more grenade. Having changed the clothes, Person 1 proceeded to Vatutin monument to meet with Person 2.

Slide №3

мвд свобода столкновения под радой

Person 1 and Person 2 left Mariinskyi park, got sure they were not pursued and dispersed. Person 1 went to Arsenalna metro station, where he was detained by the police. Person 2 received a phone call from Person 3 and proceeded down to Independence Square. There he was arrested with face masking means and smoke flares similar to those used to disguise the attack.

"Our main task now is to understand the motives and identify the contractor, ideologist and organizer of these criminal acts? All suspects have several common features to them: they are active members of NGO Sokil - a youth organisation related to Svoboda," Avakov said.

Slide No. 4 - Person 1, Person 2 and Person 3 with Sokil banner.
свобода столкновения
Slide No. 5 - a group of activists with banners of Sokil and Svoboda.

свобода столкновения

Slide No. 6 - Person 1 and Person 2 depicted in Svoboda election leaflet.

мвд свобода столкновения под радой

"It should be noted that pursuant to Ukraine's legislation law enforcers had all legitimate reasons to use weapons. Only due to endurance, heroism, and self-sacrifice of law enforcers, as well as prudence of their leadership, who did not succumb to provocative actions of terrorists and did not give an order to use force and weapons, we managed to prevent even more bloody consequences.

"There is a huge difference between the way the police behaved during Revolution of Dignity on Maidan and how law enforcers acted during the recent mass actions.

"All those responsible should be brought to justice, and as Interior Minister I will do my best to achieve this," Avakov concluded.

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