NSDC endorsed lifting sanctions from some European journalists, - council's press service

Following a proposal by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, foreign nationals whose activities or public performances contributed to instigating terrorism in Ukraine, misinformed the international community about the events in Ukraine's occupied territory, or who illegally crossed the state border of Ukraine in order to penetrate into the occupied territory, were added onto Attachment 1 to the decision of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine of Sept. 2, 2015 on imposing personal special economic and other restrictive measures (sanctions) enacted by the Presidential Decree of Sept. 16, 2015 No. 549.

This is reported by Censor.NET citing the NSDC press service.

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For instance, a Spanish citizen César Vidal was an observer at the illegal referendum in the Donbas and made statements about the artificial nature of Ukraine as a state. In particular, he stated: "... This artificial nation, called Ukraine, is used as a weapon to threaten the Kremlin."

However, given a significant public outcry and strategic importance of relations with the European Union, the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine supported the proposal of the president of Ukraine to lift sanctions from the following European journalists:

Anton Chicherov, the United Kingdom;
Emma Wells, the United Kingdom;
Ángel Sastre, the Kingdom of Spain;
Michael Rutz, the Federal Republic of Germany;
Antonio José Rodríguez Pampliega, the Kingdom of Spain;
Steve Rosenberg, the United Kingdom.
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