Verkhovna Rada approved Ukraine's external debt restructuring

Verkhovna Rada MPs supported draft amendments to the state budget of Ukraine on restructuring country's external debt owed to private creditors.

The bill No. 3058 on amendments to the Budget Code of Ukraine on restructuring the state and publicly guaranteed debt and its partial writing-off has been voted for by 309 deputies, Censor.NET reports.

The Parliament has also given more than 300 votes for the bills No. 3057, No. 3056, No. 3059, No. 3060 introducing a number of amendments to the state budget.

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In particular, the bill No. 3060 provides for raising the minimum wage by UAH 160 (about $7.3) up to UAH 1,378 (about $63.15). The minimum subsistence level is increased by UAH 154 (about $7.06) up to UAH 1,330 (about $60.95).

The bill No. 3057 stipulates for introduction of a new type of security - the state derivative.

The bill No. 3059 provides for a number of amendments to the Tax Code of Ukraine in terms of taxation during restructuring the state debt.

All the bills are needed to complete restructuring of Ukraine's external debt owed to private creditors.
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