Poroshenko to detectives: You will work against oligarchs armed with money and media

President Poroshenko named areas of major concern for the new Anti-Corruption Bureau detectives, including smuggling, excises and bribery of MPs.

As reported by Censor.NET citing Ukrainska Pravda, Poroshenko announced it during an oath taking ceremony of the first 25 detectives of the Anti-Corruption Bureau.

According to Poroshenko, the detectives should pay attention to such issues as energy, export, smuggling, excises, VAT refund, inefficient management of state property.

"I also draw your attention to political corruption. I mean the Verkhovna Rada deputies involved in bribery," he said.

"You'll have to work against oligarchs who give bribes to officials. They are armed with money. They will use their media to discredit your. But this is an important and interesting fight," Poroshenko said.

He asked the detectives "not to niggle" in order to keep people's trust.

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Poroshenko named the detectives real special forces.

"You are real special forces hired by society to combat corruption. From now on, the police and the Security Service will detain ten times as much grafters as before. At present, the main difference from the past is that we dismiss people from public office, even for a suspicion of corruption, but dismissal is no longer sufficient," Poroshenko stated.

"Work without regard to personalities, positions and shoulder straps, work only for the sake of Ukraine. Fear and conscience are those things underlying eradication of corruption," Poroshenko resumed.

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The president admitted that several analytical documents had been prepared for the detectives at his order.

"These materials will guide you in search of corruption," Poroshenko said.

The first 25 Anti-Corruption Bureau detectives have taken the oath. Out of 270 candidates 70 detectives have already been selected. On Tuesday, the first group of 25 people will be officially enrolled.

The group includes three female detectives.
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